AlaskOmega® Concentrate Powder

The AlaskOmega® Omega-3 Powder is the first powder launched by AlaskOmega®, and the newest addition to the AlaskOmega® Omega-3 concentrate line. Sustainably sourced, the high potency AlaskOmega® Omega-3 Powder delivers over 200 mg/g EPA + DHA without a fishy taste or smell.

AlaskOmega® Omega-3 Powder allows formulators to incorporate high levels of omega-3 into a variety of applications and formulations such as meal replacement and sports drink powders, energy bars, baked goods, vitamin blends and dairy products, to name a few.

The new powder is Halal certified and also certified sustainable and traceable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

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Product NameEPA mg/gDHA mg/gTotal Omega-3 mg/g
AlaskOmega Omega-3 Powder 322112080240