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AlaskOmega Omega-7 Achieves “No Questions” Designation

By October 9, 2019January 8th, 2020No Comments

AlaskOmega Participates in a Landmark Publication on Omega-7

Coshocton, OH – October 8, 2019. Organic Technologies, producer of AlaskOmega® omega-3 and omega-7 concentrates, announced today that the company has received a “no questions” letter from the FDA supporting the self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status of AlaskOmega® 50% and 70% omega-7 concentrates. The letter indicates that the FDA has successfully completed its own independent evaluation of AlaskOmega® omega-7 concentrates and has no questions regarding Organic Technologies’ conclusion that these ingredients are GRAS under their intended conditions of use.

AlaskOmega® 50% and 70% omega-7 concentrates achieved self-affirmed GRAS status through an independent scientific panel of experts that evaluated AlaskOmega® omega-7 concentrates in accordance with stringent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety criteria. Following a comprehensive review of the safety, toxicology and proposed usage, the independent panel of experts reached a unanimous decision that AlaskOmega® omega-7 concentrates are safe for use in foods and beverages.

Omega-7, or palmitoleic acid (C16:n1), is a monosaturated fat that has been studied for its potential benefits across a wide range of health applications, including heart health, anti-inflammation, insulin sensitivity, satiety, and anti-aging benefits for skin, hair and nails. With the self-affirmed GRAS status, AlaskOmega® 50% and 70% omega-7 concentrates can be safely used in food and beverage products without regulatory barriers, expanding application options beyond dietary supplements.

Organic Technologies is currently conducting a clinical trial using AlaskOmega® 50% omega-7 concentrate to assess the ingredient’s health benefit towards inflammation, glucose management, satiety, and cholesterol markers. The company will be promoting its entire line of AlaskOmega® ingredients at SupplySide West in Las Vegas in October.

About AlaskOmega®
Organic Technologies is the producer of MSC-certified AlaskOmega® fish oil products, including omega-3 concentrates, natural fish oils, and omega-7 concentrates sourced from wild-caught Alaska Pollock from Alaska’s Bering Sea. AlaskOmega® omega-3 concentrates are available up to 85% total Omega-3 content in EE/TG form, and omega-7 available in 50% and 70% concentrations. Please visit for more information.

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